Barclaycard 50 years of shopping: The Great British Shopping Showdown - the nation's ultimate shopping list

Barclaycard Shopping Showdown

After weeks of battle, we reveal the British shopping items that define our nation.

The Results

The winners

Our Shopping Heroes

These items defeated their competitors to make it onto Britain's ultimate shopping list:

Ranking Item
1st Fish and chips
2nd Sunday Roasts
3rd Tea
4th Fry-ups
5th Scones
6th Strawberries and cream
7th Victoria sponge
8th Chip butties
9th Crumpets
10th 99 Ice creams
The runners-up

The Runners-up

These heroic items got a taste of life inside the top 10, but just missed out:

Ranking Item
11th Cornish pasties
12th Pints of milk
13th Baked beans
14th Shepherds pie
Percentage of votes per UK region

Who had their say?

Our data saw a huge amount of activity from all parts of Britain, but it was the South East who battled the fiercest.

Other regions still had influence, with many of them championing local item.

Region Vote Percentage
South East 51%
North 16%
Midlands 13%
South West 6%
Scotland 4%
Wales 2%
Other 5%
Football stats

Football fever

We saw the poplarity of Football Shirts jump as the nation went mad for Europe's summer tournament, 44th to 22nd in just one day!

City specific items

Sway of the cities

Certain cities saw an increase in votes for items local of relevant to them:

City Item
Glasgow Umbrellas reached 2nd locally in the rainy city.
Swansea Daffodils reached 4th locally in the Welsh town.
Cambridge Literature reached 1st locally in the university town.
Liverpool Package Holidays reached 2nd locally for its holiday airport.
Bournemouth Ice Creams reached 1st locally on the southern coast.
Edinburgh Tartan reached 8th locally in the Scottish capital.

Home comforts on holiday

Summer means holidays abroad, but us Brits can’t cope without a few familiar treats. Here’s what we’re most likely to pack in our luggage.

Ranking Item
1st Tomato ketchup
2nd Vinegar
3rd The famous Yeat Extract

A few noteworthy regional requirements

Region Requirement
Manchester A Mancunian’s ultimate beach accessory is Chocolate Spread.
Birmingham Brummies don’t trust anywhere else to do butter properly.
London Londoners pack a jar of the famous yeast extract. Possibly ironically.